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Electric Wine Pourer

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Tired of spilling the wine?

We've got a solution!
With Electric Wine Pourer you will take your wine game to the next level!

Break through the surface of the red wine and bring out more flavor molecules in the red wine.

Bring more oxygen into contact with red wine.

    The magnet design makes the tannins in the red wine that have passed the magnet better mellow.
      The red light has a long wavelength, strong penetration into red wine, and promotes red wine oxidation.


        Electrical parameters:

        Battery specifications: lithium battery-18650, 3.7V, 1800mAh
        Power: 4W
        Charging time: 3-4 hours to fully charge
        The fully charged state can meet the sobering use of about 60-80 bottles of 750ml red wine.
        Reminder: Please clean before use


          • Model; SW-EA01 rechargeable electric wine inflator

          • Size: 16.5x11.5x6.0cm

          • Net weight: about 331g

          • Material: ABS, silicone

          • Battery capacity: 1500mAH

          • Battery: Built-in lithium battery 18650, 3.7V

          • Motor: TMJ-370C-22155, D/V6

          • Power: 3W

          • Function: Oxygenated wine aeration, new theory of magnetic wine aeration, red light helps wine breathe

          Package includes:
          • Wine aerator, USB cable, silicone tube, velvet bag

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